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Our software development process has been defined and fine-tuned since beginning. Team at 5Exceptions are skilled at implementing any kind of workflow requested by the customer. We could split traditional frameworks and use the hybrid approach, taking the best suitable elements from Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall.

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The Scrum approach is best match for managing the development of complex software in fixed-length iterations. The development process is divided into sprints, and the team interacts with the customer once the sprint is completed.

  • Ideal for the swing project development.
  • Cuts time to market.
  • Testing is performed throughout the development.
  • Changes are anticipated along the way.

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Waterfall software development is ideal for static projects, when the customer’s requirements are set, and the changes are not likely to happen through the development process.

  • Reliable budget and time estimation
  • Secure development process.

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The Kanban methodology is way less structured than Scrum. The benefit of Kanban is that it could overlap any of the models mentioned above

  • Increased flexibility
  • Visual component makes it easy to learn
  • Cuts the cycle time

Collaboration Approach


Our collaboration approach aims at providing value to our customers with fully integrated and dedicated software teams and the development processes. To achieve this goal, we follow a five-step process which ensures a proper start and a step by step consolidation of any new partnership.

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Collaboration Scope

The initial focus of the relationship is on exploring the client’s challenges and needs and on matching these needs with our capabilities and resources. Some of the artifacts and activities for this stage are as follow.

  • Confidentiality Agreement and learning each other’s business
  • RFI / RFP completion

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The parties prepare and agree on a framework contract, which defines the general terms of the partnership such as the delivery model, ownership, work parameters, payment terms, rights and responsibilities of the parties and other aspects commonly agreed upon.

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Ramp Up

At this stage, we pay special attention to the establishment of the remote process and finding the best communication channels because well-organized interaction is the basic for any outsourcing company. We are ready to use the following channels.

  • E-mails
  • Instant messaging
  • Project Management Systems
  • Versioning Systems
  • Reporting Systems
  • Guest visits

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We implement the projects in successive iterations, with clear outcomes defined for each iteration.

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Continuous Feedback

Our goal is to contribute to the success of our customers businesses and to build long term relationships with them. To accomplish this objective we get continuous feedback, which we use to shorten the development cycle and increase the quality of the deliverables, improve team dedication and pave the way for lasting collaborations. 

Engagement Models


Depending on the nature of customer needs, we will recommend the most appropriate engagement model.

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This model is employed when the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of the work can be changed during the development process. A charge based on the total effort reported by the team and accepted by the client is issued on a monthly basis. This approach offers the flexibility to balance team size and project workloads and offers continuous control over time, budget and deliverables.

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We recommend this service for small-size or urgent projects. This option works perfectly if the specifications of the software to be developed are particularized, clearly defined, and stable. The cost to build a software is fixed and discussed before the fulfillment of the project and doesn’t change no matter how many engineers are involved. Only pre-discussed ‘milestones’ of the project are charged, and we expect the payment once it is finished.

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